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 Cats Night Out

In the United States, there are 10 million more owned cats than dogs, yet veterinary visits for these cats are far less frequent than dogs.

Top reasons why cats do not visit the vet:

Pet parents assume their cat is healthy
Placing a cat in a carrier can be traumatic for all involved
Owners are concerned about their kitty being frightened
Cats may have stressful dog encounters
Uncertainty about the benefits of routine check-ups

At Alpine Animal Hospital, we recognize the special needs of our feline patients and are launching a new campaign for cats, “Cats’ Night Out”. Cats’ Night Out will happen on the second Tuesday of every month from 3-8pm.

Once you and your kitty arrive at Alpine Animal Hospital on Cats’ Night Out, you will be welcomed into a dog-free lobby. To reduce fear during your cat’s appointment, we will have calming pheromone diffusers in the hospital, staff trained in gentle feline handling, and scientifically proven feline-specific music in the background. You will be escorted into a cat-exclusive examination room where our veterinarian and support staff will be dedicated to cat patients only, so your kitty won’t detect any dog smells. Additionally, we will have free samples of prescription food for a variety of common cat health conditions, as well as cat treats and toys.

Our Cats’ Night Out veterinarian has a special interest in feline medicine and will help keep your feline family member(s) healthy and happy for years to come. During this event, we will address many of the reasons why cats do not visit the vet for routine care. We recognize some cat owners are unaware of the need and importance of annual wellness and preventative care. More than 80% of cat owners think that their cats are in excellent health and very self-sufficient. In reality, cats can suffer from many of the same afflictions as dogs, but often suffer silently only showing signs or symptoms of disease when it is already quite advanced. As with most health-related issues, prevention and early detection are key. Taking advantage of annual preventative health care for your cat will ensure a longer, better quality of life for your cat.

To prepare yourself and your feline friend(s) for their appointment, we recommend a visit to the following website for an instructional video on how to make the cat carrier a friendlier place prior to your cat’s appointment. Click here to view video.

We also offer free calming pheromone wipes (Feliway) to coat the inside of the cat carrier for natural stress relief. Be sure to swing by Alpine Animal Hospital prior to your appointment to pick one up! For more regular use, we also stock Feliway spray as featured in the above video on carrier and car training.

We hope that by supporting fear-free visits for cats, we will see improved preventative health care for cats, as well as timely diagnosis and treatment for any health conditions. Alpine Animal Hospital looks forward to seeing you and your feline family members.
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